I have no pithy way to say this guy is an unfeeling dumb fuck…

This comes to us from a freakishly assholish letter writer over at Dear Prudie…

Q. Intelligence and Relationship Future: I’m in a very happy relationship with my girlfriend of about six months. I’m studying in law school right now. I come from a very well-educated family and consider myself to be pretty bright. I’ve had a really tough time admitting this to myself, but my girlfriend—whom I love very much—is honestly just really simple-minded. On pretty much every other front, she seems perfect to me: We get along really well, we have a great time together almost always, and she has a really laid-back, happy-go-lucky, stable personality. In this sense, she’s almost a perfect counterweight to my own neurotic, introspective, and quasi-OCD tendencies.

Friends and family members have expressed their surprise that I’m with someone who seems so different from me in intelligence. My question is, will this difference eventually cause serious problems in our relationship? Am I setting myself (and her) up for some problems later on just by continuing to ignore this intellectual mismatch that exists between us?

My Answer: I guess I iz two stoopid too even try to answer you.   What a maroon!  Hilariously, his question boils down to this:  “Will my total and utter lack of social skills, combined with my total overestimation of my own intelligence, in association with my stuck-up, apparently fucked-up family, cause me any problems down the road?” Is this guy lawyer material or what? And he is quasi-ocd?  How about quasi-fucking asshole?  Ever notice that people who brag about their intelligence usually aren’t exactly as intelligent as they think they are?  They are the kind that format sentences so that they can correctly use the word “whom” even though it sounds stilted and forced.  I’ll bet anything he says “irregardless”   all the time.   Anyway, letter writer had better hold tight to this girlfriend, because I don’t believe he’ll be getting another.


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