Friend or Foe

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Dear Friend or Foe,

My ex-boyfriend, who literally broke up with me the same week my father died(!), just friended me on Facebook. Should I “accept,” “ignore,” and/or “reply” with a scathing denunciation of both his moral bankruptcy and his disgusting table manners? For the record, I’m happily married nowto the boyfriend I met after him. So in a way, I suppose, I have my evil ex to thank for breaking up with me. On the other hand, I still hate the guy’s guts. In short, I’m torn between wanting to tell him what I really think and wanting to look like I couldn’t care less (and haven’t thought about him once since we broke up). If I accept him as a friend, won’t I be accomplishing the latter? Also, that way, he’ll have access to all the extremely flattering profile pictures of me! Please advise. I feel compelled to mention that my evil ex is a Zen Buddhist, so I was surprised to see him on Facebook at all; I’d somehow thought social networking and meditating didn’t mix.

Sincerely, Am I Right in Thinking That This Man is Not My Friend?

ANSWER: This is so a no-brainer.  You absolutely friend him.  Then perhaps post some updates about doing all the things with your hubby that you never did with him.  Naughty little hints and what not.  Also, if he loved to entertain and you didn’t, all of a sudden you should…hey, what the hell, is this the same girl mentioned by the writer in  the Seattle Post-Intelligencer?


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